What's ombre yarn cake?

What's ombre yarn cake?

Have you ever tried ombre yarn cakes?

If not I'm sure you will find them fun and unusual. 

All of my yarn cakes are wound by multiplying very fine threads without twisting them. There are 3, 4 or more basic threads plus sometimes you can find additional unique threads like mohair mix, knot thread, lurex thread, viscose thread. But the ombre effect is created by those basic threads.

In ombre yarn cakes colours of basic threads are changing gradually one by one to create ombre effect. Those changes are indicated by tiny knots. It's always the best part of finding them and waiting for a colour change. 

I've recently created few options to choose from where you can decide about the way colours will be changing in your yarn cake. 

Normal style is the most usual, where every part is the same length. Simple as that 

Mandala style is created for triangle or round or even square/ rectangle projects where you wish your colours to "grow" as the project gets bigger. Longer rows needs more amount of the yarn and your last colour is the biggest part of the cake.

Smoothie is a totally new way of winding yarn cakes. Here you won't get full colours (all threads the same colour) except the first and the last ones. This type is giving you the smoothest way of colour changes. 

And one more option, totally perfect where I can combine mandala and smoothie style. It's the perfect combo for blankets, big mandalas or shawls. (Unfortunately it's not added to the shop automatically but you can always ask for it in the comments to your order) 

I hope you will find your dreamed yarn cake and create gorgeous projects 



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