How to choose this one perfect yarn cake for your project

How to choose this one perfect yarn cake for your project

Are you "the chosen one" who doesn't have a problem with choosing the perfect yarn for your projects?

I have to admit my decision process is really complicated ๐Ÿ˜… I have about a thousand thoughts and ideas before I start my project. This happens to me every single time. I hope you have some tips for me ๐Ÿ˜

This time I would like to tell you about some things that are the most important when choosing your perfect yarn

First of all, I think that your personal colour preferences are the most important. The amount of time and energy we put in our projects should have the perfect effect. We should love the final outcome and feel proud of it. That's why I'm always waiting for all your messages and suggestions about the personalisation of your yarns

Another aspect of decision about choosing yarn is its thickness. You should think about the final feeling of your project. Some of them should be more lacy some more solid, thick and warm. Some patterns clearly state this aspect, others don't.

Let me explain the thickness of my yarns. My ombre yarn cakes are created with very fine (2/30 or 2/28 Nm) threads. The 3plys are perfect for very light projects. I'm using hook size 2,5-3mm for this thickness. 4ply yarn cakes are a bit thicker so I would suggest hook about 3-4mm. Thicker yarnsย  are also available like the ones with additional threads. They vary a lot so you can always ask me about the one you wish to choose. Lurex threads don't give much difference but the mohair mix thread or the ones with beads or sequins are like 2 typical threads. So finally you get about 6plys. It's a huge difference between the simple yarn cakes.ย 

As I have mentioned in previous post there is also a possibility of choosing the way your yarn cake is wound. This can also make a big difference to your project.

The final aspect is choosing the blend of your yarn. The 50%cotton/50%acrylic is the most popular one but I would love to grow my collection of merino/acrylic and cotton/merino threads. So you will have many more options to choose your perfect yarn.ย 

I'm waiting for your suggestions about choosing the perfect yarn and maybe tips how to make this process easier ๐Ÿ˜†

Have a good day x



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